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Your Body Loves Your Life Even When Your Mind Does Not

I was asked recently, ‘Do you value your own life?’ It’s a strange question, one I don’t think people often ask themselves. Even those of us with depression and anxiety I reckon still feel the knee jerk reaction to respond automatically with, ‘What?! Of course! What a thing to ask!’  And I felt that too-

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5 ways we can go about repairing our relationships following a suicide attempt

One of the most stressful and overwhelming aspects of recovery from a suicide attempt is reconnecting to and rebuilding trust in the relationships we value. Here I discuss the stressful nature of this process and offer my insight based on what I have learned from my own experience.

Book Club– “My Lesbian Experience with Lonliness,” by Nagata Kabi

“My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness,” is an poignant autobiographical manga, wherein the author Nagata Kabi portrays her deeply, brutally honest 10 year battle with major depression, anxiety, and binge eating, as well as her brave, determined efforts to bring herself to life in spite of it.