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Your Body Loves Your Life Even When Your Mind Does Not

I was asked recently, ‘Do you value your own life?’ It’s a strange question, one I don’t think people often ask themselves. Even those of us with depression and anxiety I reckon still feel the knee jerk reaction to respond automatically with, ‘What?! Of course! What a thing to ask!’  And I felt that too-

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What Do I have to Say?

I was reading about some Influencer this morning—I won’t name her, don’t feel that that’s appropriate—but she’s fairly widely known in the whole Instagram sphere— an ambitious aspiring writer/flower-crown girl who posts these long-winded, stream-of-consciousness like meanderings beneath each of her posts. I couldn’t help but get pulled into it a little bit because the

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Everyone carries on about living with depression and ‘managing’ suicidal impulses but hardly anybody ever talks about suicide! And when they do they do years after the fact! What about right after!? Why doesn’t anybody ever talk about what it’s like to be in the immediate aftermath of a suicide attempt? Well I’m going to talk about suicide. And I’m going to talk about depersonalization, the devil, and the mystery of what’s happened to all my underwear!